Avery Grimshaw

(graphic designer & excessive interest-haver)


Bumble Honeys

A new hub for Bumble’s ambassador program.


The pink zine about synths.


Thoughtful packaging for sustainable soap.

Oneohtrix Point Never

Isometric illustration printed in a 3-color process.


Typography derived from a set of rules.

Horror Movie Posters

Static & animated features for 3 of my favorites.


Picture of Avery Grimshaw in his Canadian jumpsuit

Growing up in the uncomfortable heat and humidity of south Louisiana, I spent a fair amount of time indoors with my grandparents. My grandfather, a retired electrical engineer, was always tolling away on a new project and was always appreciative of a helping hand. Working with him throughout childhood and adolescence brought along a strong urge to problem-solve, and general curiosity around what makes things tick.

By the time I was ready for college, I knew that I wanted to pursue mechanical engineering. And by my sophomore year, I knew that it was not for me. The practical hands-on projects were rewarding, but the theory behind them was not. I really wanted to solve problems creatively, but creativity was lacking. So, I changed my major, and so began my graphic design journey.

Long story short, it was a better fit. Technicality, craft, and exactness were never lost on me — I felt drawn to unify these with my rediscovered creativity. And I still feel this draw today, which has resulted in my work feeling largely mechanical in thought yet personable in execution.


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